Hello and welcome to Square Peg Photography, my name is Philip Kelly. I think it's great and feel really humbled that you are visiting my new website. I hope you like it. I do. I've created the website to showcase my work, my style and my vision for photography. Please take a good look and contact me to see what I can do for you.

I love photography. I love that it can capture moments in time that will never be repeated. Henri Cartier-Bresson called them, "Decisive moments”. It is something the camera was made to do. I'm available to shoot your wedding, portrait, cover events, PR work and commercial jobs.

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A little bit about me…… Well if i’m being honest I don’t really like talking about me but here goes. I’m a husband and a dad of two crazy but adorable girls, aged 8 and 5. I’ve been a professional photographer for 13 years, working for an award winning newspaper. My experience allows me to shoot both candid and more gently posed images with speed, efficiency and hopefully a little artistry. Check out my gallery pages to see if you like my style.

I hope you like the images on my website. I'm passionate about photography and its ability to tell stories. So please me a call on 07595433740 or drop me an email at squarepegpics@gmail.com because I would love to speak to you about capturing your special 'Decisive Moment'.



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