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Hi i’m Philip or Phil, I don’t mind; whatever comes naturally to you. I love photography and its ability to capture moments, many of which will never be repeated. Some of them might be ordinary but they are never mundane. I believe all of them are amazing and extraordinary and deserve to be captured.  

There is something special about going through a photographic album. You may not know the people in the photos but you become connected to them. Your wedding is special and unique. It is something you have planned and rehearsed in your mind for years and it deserves to be captured and recorded so you can share your incredible day with others in the years that come.

My style is to capture the day as it unfolds; mixing it with some portraiture that is creative and natural but mainly I like to step back and observe and capture the day. I should also state I don’t mind capturing family photos - in fact I think they are very important, so don’t be afraid to ask. My job is to capture the passion, love, fun, romance and excitement of your day.