It's a Dog's Life

Please meet the latest edition to the Kelly household - Toby the Poodle cross. What he's crossed with I've no idea but we like him. Child number 1, my oldest daughter, has been asking for a dog for a long, long time! Am I suggesting that she may have mentioned it on a very regular occasion? Yes. Anyway, whether she wore me down or I decided that I was being a meanie for not saying yes, we've got a dog. My wife spotted him online at the local dog pound and so a family trip was organised and it was pretty much an instant yes! It got me thinking about when I was my daughter's age and the memories I have about my first dog - a Jack Russell called Susie, who hated the coal man. I mean hated. But she was great with us and I have very fond memories of her. I suppose that's what I want my children to have too with their first dog.

It also made me think about the power of photography to capture moments and memories. It is a very special thing to look through an album of photographs, even if they belong to someone else. I was was shown photos of my wife in various stages of childhood and adolescence today. I never knew she had a perm when she was younger! They weren't technically brilliant but they were fantastic to look at. Why? Because they were of someone I love and looking at the photos helped me learn a little more about her.

So get your cameras out and capture those memories.