Capturing the Moment

Dave and Paula.jpg

Photography is all about capturing the moment and emotion in a scene and weddings are full of such moments. Sometimes that can happen in a single image, like this one, but more often it is about a collection of images that when seen together help to tell the story of that wonderful day - your special day. My style is to capture the candid image in a documentary style while mixing this with more gently posed images that hopefully capture the glamour of the occasion.

If I was asked why I have decided to show this particular image I would have to answer by saying it was for a number of reasons. Firstly the groom is my brother! No pressure there then! Secondly I love the emotion. There is a real sense of joy and fun and that helps me in turn to replay the memory of the day. The bride is laughing at something the minister has said. My brother, the groom, is looking over at one of his friends with some kind of acknowledgement of the moment. The gentleman on the right, my dad, is clearly enjoying the occasion of his son’s marriage. The image sums up my experience of the whole day. It makes me smile and what could be better than that?