125th of a Second


Okay so I've called this blog 125th of a second which refers to the length of time that a shutter on a camera can be open for so that an image is captured. In truth it was probably a little faster than that for this particular image! But I wanted to use the title as an explanation why I like this image and why I have posted it on my blog.

My good friend Raphael Mason and I ran a studio lighting workshop at Denvir's Hotel in Downpatrick. The model was the excellent Hollie Keers. The make-up was by Katie Cultra of Make Up by Katie. We had a great day with six students eager to learn and shoot some images. I took some images myself, which I really like and I might post them on my blog at some stage but it's this one I think is my favourite from the day.

Perhaps, if you're reading this, you are thinking it's a strange choice! Why not choose one of the posed images showcasing the lighting and pose etc? I could do that but I love that I've caught a fleeting moment. It's unrehearsed and natural and for me it captures a moment. That's why I love photography. Yes, I like to spend time deliberately posing people and arranging items to create the right composition or to show a beautiful expression or demonstrate good lighting techniques. But very often it is these unguarded, natural moments that resonate longest.

Hollie Keers.jpg