Shortlisted for Wedding Journal NI Wedding Photographer of the Year

Photography for me has always been about capturing moments, and weddings are full of moments: fun moments, intimate moments, happy moments and yes, even sad moments. They all make up your day. From the bride’s preparations, to the groom seeing his bride for the first time (which is always a great moment), to the dance floor and every moment in between. Every part of it is special and unique! Not because of all the details that have been organised with military precision…yes I know they are important but what makes every wedding really special is that it’s all about two people who have decided to spend their lives together. As the photographer it is my privileged role to document and record this. To capture the beautiful connection that takes place between two people in love. I like to mix documentary type images with some more gently posed images to showcase the day. I love photography. I enjoy the photographic process and its power to capture ‘decisive moments’. I love being able to create images that when you see them make you smile, laugh and cry as you remember the story. Photographs that help you remember the details and the people who you invited to share in your wedding. I’ll be completely honest and say that, in my view, not every photograph has to be technically correct, although I do strive for technical perfection. What every photograph and collection of photographs has to be is creative, honest and emotive. They must make you feel.

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