Rebecca and Barry // Stormont Estate

Smile, Smile, Smile.

If I had one piece of advice to give to any bride and groom it would be this...Smile. I mean it, you have put so much effort into making your big day something special that you deserve to simply relax, breath it all in and enjoy it. Really what is the point in getting stressed? In my experience it all works out. So what if the cars are late or the venue has forgotten a place setting or the weather is doing what it always does in Northern's own thing. They are minor things. What is important is the ceremony as you commit your lives to each other. The other things are optional extras and honestly the more you smile the more you will enjoy the whole experience.

You'll, I'm sure have been told the day itself is a blur and it is. I remember the day after I got married a friend sent me a text message thanking me for a great party and wishing my wife and I all the best for our honeymoon. I don't even remember talking to him! In fact my wife laughed at me because I was going to argue that he and his wife hadn't been at the party. She put me right, she always does, and reminded me I had shaken his hand and had had a 5 minute conversation with him! I was shocked, and before you start thinking alcohol was involved I can assure you there wasn't a drop used. I simply couldn't remember! It was a blur for the most part and I loved it from start to finish. What I remember vividly though was seeing my wife to be walking down the church isle, stunned by her beauty and smiling in the knowledge God had blessed me with such a wonderful lady. Why would I not smile?

Rebecca and Barry smiled throughout the day. It was a joy to be part of it. They got married in Killyleagh and had their reception in the Stormont Hotel Belfast.