Kéire and Conor // Engagement Session

Photo Sesssion at Murlough Nature Reserve

For the good people here in Northern Ireland the one thing we can depend on is the unpredictability of our weather. Such was the case on Monday when the weather changed! The weekend had been beautiful but it was now cold, windy and dull! I thought about postponing the engagement shoot with Kéire and Conor, whose wedding I’m doing next year. I wanted to do a shoot during golden hour at Murlough but it certainly didn’t seem like it would happen!

Kéire and Conor, who was very nervous, were absolutely brilliant. The weather made no difference to them because they didn’t stop laughing from the start of the session until it finished. It made my job easy. My piece of advice to every couple is to relax, smile and enjoy. I know that can be difficult because most of us become self conscious in front of the camera - I know I am. I think it goes back to my school photos, which all had the same po faced expression and bowl hair cut. Not a great look. Do you think I might need therapy?

I had a great evening with these guys. We went on a photographic adventure in the Murlough Nature Reserve and I think we got some great shots. To be honest I would have had a great night even if the session had been a photographic disaster. Thankfully it wasn’t. To cap off the evening the sun decided to come out. It didn’t get any warmer but we had a brief encounter with Golden Hour which helped create a bit of photographic magic.