Charity Cycle

Mizen to Malin Head - M2M 2018

You know how it is you meet a stranger at an event and as your chatting you find out he lives on the same road as you. WHAT! He knows your brother through church. REALLY! His wife once worked with your mother-in-law. NOW YOU’RE JOKING! Northern Ireland is a small place, a very small place sometimes. But I love it. Anyway as the conversation ticked along I was asked if I would be interested in covering a charity cycling event he and a group of other cyclists where going to do. How does one respond to that question? “Yeah, Why not!”

So it happened over the last bank holiday weekend in May. I left with 8 other people I had never met before and headed down to Mizen Head - The most southerly point of Ireland, the starting point for this two and a half day adventure, which would take them to Malin Head in Donegal - The most northerly point in Ireland. It’s a stunning place. We left the house just after 7am and arrived just over 6 hours later. The weather was brilliant, for the most part. This being Ireland it had to rain but thankfully only for a short time on Saturday morning. There had been torrential rain, thunder and lighting through the night, which isn’t always very conducive for a good night’s sleep. Made more interesting by having to share a bed with a stranger. The things I have to do in the name of getting a good story!

It took the 7 riders two and half days to cover roughly 370 miles. One cyclist found the going a little tough and reluctantly had to pull out half way through day two.The right decision.  Another rider’s front wheel decided to disintegrate on day three throwing him down the road. He was battered and bruised but thankfully okay and was able to continue on a borrowed bike. A very tough cookie.

The final day was the toughest for them all as it was the longest part of the route - 160 miles! But they they made it late on Monday evening as the sun was setting at Malin Head in Donegal. They were exhausted and saddle sore but they gritted their teeth and completed perhaps a once in a lifetime journey. In so doing they have helped to raise money for Fields of Life and EastSide Partnership.

It was for me a pleasure to do and an honour to have been a part of. Who knows I just might decide to it myself someday. Maybe before i’m fifty.