Wedding Journal Finalist

NI Wedding Photographer of the Year Finalist

I have been shortlisted in the Wedding Journals Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer of the Year 2018! It's very exciting and a little mad all at the same time. I’m not sure what I make of competitions but I suppose they cannot hurt and it’s better to be involved than not. I have been in business for just over a year, although I've been a professional photographer for 14 years. That's a long time. I'm not afraid to tackle any kind of assignment. Yes there might be a few nerves! I might even question if I can do a particular assignment. But I feel that's good. It means that I cannot ever rest on my laurels. I need to constantly push myself creatively and technically. You never stop learning and sometimes that comes from making mistakes. However what I am trying to learn now is to be a business person as well as a photographer. I was a press photographer for 13 years. I loved my job because it allowed me the opportunity to be able to invest in people’s stories. It was, I feel, a very privileged position to have. I genuinely feel that has not changed. Whether I am photographing a wedding or a family session it is always about connection. It’s about trying to creatively capture people’s stories. I’m a photographer but I also know that I am now a business person and I find that a difficult combination. It is truthfully something I struggle with! But sometimes I need to give myself a kick in the backside and seize the opportunity I have, which is to combine something I love, photography and people with being my own boss. How many people get that opportunity? So yes I am very excited about being shortlisted and if you have voted for me then can I just thank you from the  bottom of my heart.

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